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Default Hello, CVRPC

--Warning. This post is somewhat long--

Hello, to all of you.

My name is Tom, and I'm likely a great deal younger than most of you, being a recent college graduate. To shorten a long story, due to troubling occurrences in my own neighborhood in Hickory, including a mugging less than three hundred yards from where I live, I recently decided to purchase a firearm for home and self defense. Having come from a family who suppressed any interest of my own in firearms, I knew practically nothing about them.

Moving a few months forward, to where I am now. I now know my way around a firearm, most particularly pistols and revolvers, less so rifles and long guns. My interest has been piqued, and I've been looking into finding a range that I care to call home. Not one that is "adequate" or "not bad enough to drive me away," or anything of that nature. So far, in the Hickory area, I've not heard anything that encourages me to lean towards any particular range. I didn't get the feeling I would enjoy Springs Road, and Catawba Valley Wildlife Club might be the kind to look down upon one of my stature in life.

Out of the blue, while searching for someplace a bit further away, I stumbled across the Catawba Valley Rifle and Pistol Club, which somehow I had missed in all previous searches. I liked what I saw. A good sense of organization, a careful selection process of members that requires them to get to know the other members before joining in full. I was very impressed, and even more so when the aerial of the range was displayed on my screen. However, moments later, as I read through the membership process in its entirety, I eventually came across the section which spoke of the dues and fee's.

I'm not skimpy. I know that ranges are a place of business, and I know that joining one will cost me money. I could not, however, under any circumstances, justify spending that much on a range. Undoubtedly, many of you are better off than I, and can afford such. Undoubtedly, my inability to pay and thus possibly join will not be an overly large loss to any of you. However, I count it as a loss. Your range is wonderful, by all appearances, and it saddens me personally to realize that the overall price is prohibitive enough that I cannot even place it on a list of things to consider in the future. So, with a great deal of regret, my search for a home range continues past the forty five minute mark for driving distance. Once again, I know that you have business concerns to consider, but I urge you to consider the plight of those my age. Not for me, but for my generation as a whole. I don't expect anything to come of this, but if there is anything those who exercise our 2nd Amendment rights have shown me, it is that not speaking one's mind over certain issues is tantamount to not having a voice to begin with

With kind regards,
Thomas Blalock
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fyi Point blank range yearly membership is $2500.oo a year. A few years back we purched aditional land and are paying this off. We are not a comercal range .Sorry you feel the way you do but once a member thear are discounts off membership. Again fyi after all possible discounts $365.oo. A DOLLER A DAY.
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