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Old 01-11-2021, 09:18 AM
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Default Ed Brown 1911 Magazine Exchange Program

Ed Brown 1911 Magazine Exchange Program
(Moline, IL) – Let’s face it: It doesn’t matter how terrific your 1911 handgun, nor how fancy your defensive ammo, if your magazine won’t feed. Trusting your life to a substandard magazine is like trying to drive the Indy 500 on four spare tires. That’s why Brand Avalanche Media, together with world-class custom guns and gear designer Ed Brown Products, is thrilled to announce our Ed Brown 1911 Magazine Exchange Program!
This exciting program gives 1911 fans the opportunity to try out the last 1911 magazine they’ll ever own—a 100% made-in-America magazine of $22-$30 value—by sending in the old, busted 1911 mags they got from “the other guy” plus $10-$15, depending on which Ed Brown 1911 magazine they’ve selected.

The process is simple: Just visit and print out the exchange form. On it, you can choose between Ed Brown’s traditional stainless steel magazines ($10) and their Black Nitride version ($15). Be sure to select one of several cool special offers available. Your next step is to visit your drawer full of dented, dirty 1911 magazines and pick the ones you like the least, then mail them to Ed Brown Products along with the form. Then simply sit back, and wait to be dazzled by Ed Brown’s lifetime-warrantied best-in-class magazine technology.
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