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Old 12-21-2020, 10:39 AM
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Talking 2021 High Power Rifle Matches

6 March, 3 April, 1 May
4 Sep, 2 Oct, 6 Nov
Matches are open to members and non-members.
Registration Fee: Members- $10 Non-Members $15
(Fees are used to pay for range supplies, pitts supplies and the club)

There will be a COVID-19 Safety Statement, and a Range Safety Briefing.
Gloves, hand sanitizer, and masks will be available.

4457 Rifle Range Rd, Conover, NC 28613

Registration at the Rifle Range Pitts 8 am. Match begins at 8:45
Matches will be for Service Rifle, Match Rifle & Any Rifle

March match will be 600 Aggregate Matches (60 for record shots)

(2 sighters 2 minutes each stage)
Stage 1 Standing 200 yards, 10 shots/10 minutes
Stage 2 Sitting/kneeling 200 yds Rapid Fire 20 shots, 10 shots in 60 seconds
Stage 3 Prone 300 yards Rapid Fire 20 shots 10 shots in 70 seconds
Stage 4 Prone 300/600 yards Slow Fire 10 shots/10 minutes (reduced target)
(Match Director may change the course of fire at his discretion)

600 agg in march to save time in match, and for the current ammo shortage!

We will do some Vintage Matches, prone mid-range, and standard XTC matches this year. ( I will allow a shoot what you bring class, as long as it is a safe rifle)

Call or email for ALL questions you may have. New to High Power Matches ARE welcome and encouraged to come. I can give an intro to HP to anyone who wants to shoot, we can schedule a practice day for you and I to see what we are about!

Call Randy Randolph for questions: 828-442-3178

EQUIPMENT: No Muzzle Breaks Allowed

Service Rifle—As issued by the U.S. Armed Forces, or the same type and caliber of commercially manufactured rifle, having not less than 4 1/2 pound trigger pull, with standard type stock and standard type leather or web sling. The rifle may have an optical sight (reflective sights are considered optical sights) with a maximum of 4.5X are permitted. Only commercially manufactured scopes that were produced with a maximum magnification of 4.5X and that have a maximum objective lens of 34mm may be used.
U.S. Service Rifle M-16 series Must be chambered for the 5.56 x 45 mm NATO (.223) cartridge
U.S. Rifle, Caliber .30 M1, or caliber 7.62mm M1
U.S. Rifle, Caliber 7.62 mm M-14

Match Rifle A center fire rifle with any sights and a magazine capable of holding not less than 5 rounds.
Any Rifle—A rifle with no restrictions on sights or accessories including Schuetzen type butt-plates and palm rests except that it must be safe to competitors and range personnel. Ammunition will be restricted to no larger than .35 caliber.

**Shooters will need rifle with empty chamber indicator, ammo, ground tarp or shooting mat. (Military poncho or blue tarp work well) You will want to have a spotting scope or binoculars
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Old 02-26-2021, 07:30 PM
randy7971 randy7971 is offline
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First of 3 Spring Matches start next Saturday. March 6th. Come shoot with us!
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