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Default 2019 all-around match

2019 CVRPC All-Around Match Rules

Match dates are as follows:

Rifle Event: February 9th

Pistol and Shotgun Events: March 9th

Sign up begins at 9:00am, Match briefing at 9:30, and shooting starts at 10:00 am.

Conover, NC. Catawba Valley Rifle and Pistol Club. Directions to the range can be found at Directions to CVRPC. The range is conveniently located a short distance off I-40 in Conover, NC (near Hickory, NC). Plenty of graveled parking is available as are indoor restrooms (men and women).

Entry fee is a one-time payment of $30 and covers all 3 events.

Shooters will accumulate points in each event based on final results for each event with the highest point total determining the 2019 All-Around Champion. Any ties (1st-5th) will be broken via shoot-off. Please note this is a two match / three event series and trophies will be awarded at the end of the February match. Trophies will be awarded for 1st - 5th place finishers.

All shooting will be from a paved, covered firing line with multiple positions available. Course will consist of 5 stages at distances of 250 and 300 yards. Competitors can expect to engage 250 and 300 yard targets on each stage.
• Targets will be IPSC “style” AR400 steel targets ranging in size from 20% to 45% IPSC.
• All targets are reactive steel with no paper targets being offered.
• No sighter or practice targets will be available. No “zero check” will be available or allowed. Come with your gear ready to shoot.
The course of fire will consist of various size targets and may or may not include “no-shoot” style scenarios, partially blocked targets and other possible scenarios at the Match Directors discretion.

Targets will be engaged from multiple and various simulated field positions including but not limited to various barricade positions, simulated stairstep/stairwells, barrels, rooftop positions, tank trap, swinging tire and other positions at the Match Director’s discretion. This is NOT a benchrest match nor a “belly” match. Come prepared to shoot from a multitude of challenging positions.

“Spotters” and coaches with spotting scopes or binoculars are allowed. Spotters and coaches may call impact placement and dope to the shooter if desired - but shall not physically assist the shooter, their rifle, or assist with equipment in any manner.

Course of fire will consist of 50 rounds. Each distance will incorporate a Left Bank and a Right Bank as 2 shooters will be on the firing line during each relay. You will encounter 5 targets: 2 at 250 yards and 3 at 300 yards. The shooter will fire 2 shots (only) at each target for a total of 10 shots. Each impact will count as 1 point. Each miss will count as 0. A “no-shoot” target may be encountered on some stages. If a No-shoot is hit there will be a -1 point penalty assessed. RO’s will be on spotting scopes counting/verifying impacts. Please note that an impact on the supporting T-Post WILL NOT be counted as a hit. Only clearly visible and audible impacts will be counted.

Please note that ANY of the positions described above may be encountered on ANY of the five Stages. Shooting positions will either be drawn on the morning of match day, or prescribed at the Match Director’s discretion, dependent on conditions.

• Match is open to all centerfire rifles including bolt action, semi auto, single shot, lever, and pump actions. This match has no classifications and ALL action types compete together and likewise compete for the win together.
• High velocity .17, .20, and .22 caliber cartridges with muzzle velocity exceeding 3200 FPS are not allowed due to the potential for target damage. Likewise, cartridges of ANY caliber exceeding 3200 fps or displaying target impact damage will not be allowed. No steel core penetrator type ammo is allowed.
• No weight limit. No barrel length restrictions.
• Muzzle brakes are permitted, no restrictions.
• The use of suppressors is permitted. All ATF rules apply.
• Bipods such as the Harris (and clones) and Atlas are allowed.
The usage of rear bags, wedge style bags, “game changers”, “pump pillows”, packs, etc. are allowed.
Tripod shooting supports and similar style mechanical rests are NOT allowed.
• The use of a sling is permitted during any stage or position.
• Shooting mats, elbow pads, etc. are allowed.
• “High Power type” shooting coats or jackets are allowed.
• The same gun MUST be fired throughout the course unless a verified mechanical or optical failure occurs which must be approved by the Match Director.

Permitted equipment will be addressed at the Match Briefing prior to the beginning of the match. If a competitor is found in violation of non-approved equipment for that stage, the competitor will be issued a warning with the shooter’s score for that stage entered as zero “0”, and in the event of a second offense the competitor will be disqualified. For clarity, please always ask if in question.
• At the command: “Shooters to the Line…Your 60 second Prep period begins, NOW” competitors will have a 60 second period to get into position, adjust scope settings, etc. Firearms must NOT be loaded during this period.
Pre-staging of equipment is not allowed. The shooter must carry any gear with him/her to the firing position.

• At the command “End of Prep Period”, the shooter may insert loaded magazines or top load BDL/ADL type rifles.
• The shooter will start each stage with the firearm “Patrol Ready” (loaded magazine inserted with bolt closed on verified empty chamber).

At the “START” command or buzzer, the shooter will have 120 seconds to position gear, engage the targets and fire a total of 10 shots. Targets not engaged at the end of the par time shall be marked as 0 on the competitor’s scorecard.

• At the ceasefire signal or command the shooter must show the weapon is unloaded and clear with a chamber safety flag inserted and visible prior to leaving the firing line.

NOTE: If a competitor fires more than 10 rounds for score, the score for that stage shall be zero “0”. If a second offense occurs the competitor will be disqualified.

• The competitor may choose to engage any target on the stage in any order.
• If a competitor fires at a target for score prior to receiving the FIRE command, it shall be called as an “early shot” and any point scored shall be marked as a zero “0”.
• Any shot fired after the Cease Fire command is given will be called as a “Late shot” and shall be scored as “0”.

NOTE: To help ensure the target setters and downrange safety and aid in enforcement of this rule, any competitor called for handling their firearm while persons are downrange will be disqualified and the competitor asked to remove their equipment from the line. No exceptions. No discussion. No butthurt. Just get off the line. Safety will NOT be compromised.

• Targets MUST receive a clearly visible impact to be scored as a HIT and will count as 1 point.
• Impacts on the supporting T-Post will be counted as a miss or 0.
• Each missed target will be scored as “0” point.
• If an orange colored “No Shoot” target is impacted it will be scored as a penalty of minus -1 point.
• Targets will be repainted between each relay to aid in scoring.
• All competitors must have their scorecard verified and initialed before advancing to the next position. Blank or mismarked cards will be scored as “0”. Line Officers will be available for assistance in scoring or match procedures.
• All scorecards must be completed with the competitor’s name and contact information. Scorecards with no name or identifying information will be rejected.
• In the event of a “tie” for 1st – 5th place, a “Tiebreaker Stage” will be added and will be at the Match Directors discretion.

• No alibi shots will be given for failure to fire due to equipment or ammunition malfunction.
• No alibi shots will be given for failure to fire during the allotted time.
• Alibi shots will be permitted only when the respective targets are unavailable due to mechanical target failure in the competitor’s bank and the competitor has not fired all 10 allowed shots.
• The competitor must notify a Range Officer or the Match Director immediately if he/she has missing targets due to mechanical target failure.
• It is the sole responsibility of the competitor to notify the Range Officer of the alibi situation.
• It is the sole responsibility of the competitor to decide to engage further targets or suspend fire and engage the targets in an alibi period.
• At the Match Director’s command, the alibi shooter will engage targets with the standard range commands and the competitor shall be given equivalant time per alibi shot.

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• Match is open to all centerfire handguns (.38, .357, 9mm, .40 cal, 45, etc) including revolver and semi auto. This match has no classifications and ALL action types compete together and likewise compete for the win together.
• Iron sights, red dot type sights, and handgun scopes are allowed.
The same handgun must be used throughout the Pistol Event unless a verified mechanical or optical failure has been verified.
Competitors shall expect the Pistol event to consist of a 3-Gun style action type event.

• Match is open to all type shotguns (.410, 20, 16, and 12 gauge) including Over/under, side-by-side, pump, and semi auto. This match has no classifications and ALL action types compete together and likewise compete for the win together.
• Iron sights and red dot type sights are allowed.
NOTE: A competitor may choose to shoot two shotguns for the Shotgun event. For instance, a shooter may choose a semi-auto for the action type stage and an over/under for the Skeet stage.

Additional information to follow. Competitors shall expect the Shotgun event to consist of a 3-Gun style action type event and 1 round of skeet.

• CVRPC requires the use of open chamber indicators/flags at all times except after the load or fire command has been given. ALL actions must remain open at all times except when “on stage” after the Load command is given.
• Failure to display open actions and Open Chamber Indicator will result in 1 warning, followed by disqualification.

• Eye and hearing protection must be worn by competitors, spotters, and bystanders.

• No horseplay or unsafe gun handling will be tolerated.

Please contact apache308 (Steve Roe) on this site or for further information.
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