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Old 01-14-2018, 05:05 PM
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Default 2018 CVRPC All Around Match - Rifle Results

The Rifle Event of the 2018 All-Around Match is is the books. It was a clear but chilly day at CVRPC with temps in the mid 30's and a 5-10mph wind throughout the day.

The match consisted of five, ten-shot stages for a total of 50 shots all on steel targets. The targets included a combination of 25%, 33%, and 45% IPSC targets and a few 8" plates mixed in along with a "no-shoot" to keep everyone on their toes at 300 yards. Each stage had a 60 second prep period and an 120 second par time. The stages shot were:
Stage 1: Rooftop
Stage 2: Barrel top
Stage 3: Cable spool
Stage 4: Barricade multi-position
Stage 5: Tank trap

Everyone seemed to enjoy the challenging positions; although the day was long with the cold winds. Cycling 17 shooters through 5 stages takes time as the CVRP 300 yard line can only accommodate 2 shooters at a time. That's 45 relays! I want to thank all those who came out to shoot. However I will say that it was disappointing that only 11 CVRP club members came out to shoot.

I want to thank all those who helped with match set-up prior and tear-down afterward. Rifle Match scores are posted below. Additional information regarding the Pistol and Shotgun events will be posted soon. Remember this is a three event series with points awarded for finishing order in each event and the highest total among the three events will determine the champion.

See you for the Pistol and Shotgun events on February 10th!!

1st Steve Roe 45x50
2nd Bryan Johnson 42
3rd Kohl Edwards 41
4th Tim Josey 35*
5th JB Eanes 35
6 Jim Roe 34
7 Brian Franklin 30
8 Jay Roe 29
9 David Gibbs 27
10 Michael Hollars 25
11 Ed Rosamond 23
12 Ronny Brown 21
13 Colby Barr 16
14 Hayden Brooks 12
15 Bob Metts 9
16 Randy Guymer 5
17 Gene Monday 3

* = Ties broken by Stage 3 elapsed time
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