The Catawba Valley Rifle and Pistol club is located at 4457 Rifle Range Road Conover, NC. We are between Lee Cline Road and Springs Road. And we are about 3 miles off of I-40 near exit 132.

          Some good men coming home from WWII and wanting a place to shoot founded the range in 1947. We have 54 acres inside the fence, and another 25 beside us to hold back development.

          The range has a lot of facilities to accommodate a lot of different shooting interest. The following is a list of some of the facilities.

          We have a clubhouse with a meeting room, restrooms and a 12 point 50 foot indoor firing range for 22 rim fire or air gun only.   

          The 100yard line is covered with 7 concrete bench rests. Also under the firing line are shooting positions for 25, 50, 75 and 100 yard metallic silhouettes.

          The 200 meter line is covered and has 2 concrete bench rests and positions for 50,100,150 and 200 meter silhouettes. 

          The 300 yard line is covered and has 2 concrete bench rests as well as room for 3 spots of other positions. We also have a 200/300 High power rifle pit for NRA High power competition.

          The 50 yard pistol range is covered and has room for 16 shooters side by side. And the 25 yard covered line has room for 10 more shooting positions. We also have room for our steel plate range  here too.

          Then we have a Skeet range and a Wobble Trap. Both of which can be run solo with a voice-activated control or with guests.

          Members have their own key and come and go at their leisure. The only time shooting is not allowed is outside after dark and prior to 12:00 on Sunday. Also shooting may be limited on some ranges when matches are going on. The range is open to the public to participate in matches. Other wise guests must come with a member.

          To be a member you must be a US citizen, you must never been convicted of a crime of violence and you must be an NRA member. You will fill out an application with references and attend 3 meetings. At the third meeting the club will vote on admission. Meetings are the 1st Thursday of each month at the clubhouse at 7:30. Dues are paid at the May meeting. The dues for a new member are 100.00 inanition fee, 165.00 dues and a 300.00 land assessment for the 25 acres of new land being purchased. If you join in another month it is prorated. Full dues are every May, and part of you dues can be worked off. We have a membership cap at 125 regular members. As of June, 2009 we still have some openings.

          Contact Ronny Brown at 828-241-4558 or at