CVRP Memebers

Dues and New Keys

I hope everyone is doing well. Here are the details on our "Drive Thru" event. It will be Saturday June 20 from 10:00 to 3:00. The gate will be open so there is no need to sign in. You will drive through the gate and go to the pistol range taking the road between the skeet range and pistol ranges. Just follow the signs and come down the hill past Bay 3 and there will be stations set up on the driver side of your car so there is no reason to get out of your vehicle.

If you have not already paid, have a check ready for your dues and get crossed off of the list. You can contact me or Mike and we can tell you what your dues are. Mike Josey 828-302-1767, Brian White 828-238-7371. Next you will pick up your new key and receive a ballot for voting for new club officers:

There will be "write in" provisions on the ballot for each office. We will also be updating contact information for everyone so be ready to verify home address, contact phone number and e-mail. Proceed to the next station and drop your ballot in the basket. After casting your vote, leave the pistol ranges being mindful that there may be cars coming along the road so please be careful and keep speed to a minimum.

A few things to consider for this day. If you approach the club gate and there are vehicles waiting to enter, just drive on by and circle back a little later. We do not want to create an issue there on Rifle Range Road that could cause us any unwanted attention or upset our neighbors.

If at all possible please mail your dues in well before June 20 as this will make things run much smoother to have as many members already paid as possible. Mike has reported that over 70% of club members have already paid their dues. Mail dues to CVRPC PO Box 664, Conover NC 28613

Lastly, please be patient with your fellow club members and with those of us working this event. With the restrictions that are still in place for gatherings and social distancing, we feel this is the best plan to accomplish all that we need to get done for the club. We have allotted 5 hours to do this and I think it is possible to get everyone worked through in that time.

Needless to say that the pistol ranges will be closed on June 20 from 10:00 until we are done but the skeet range will be open. There is a match scheduled at the 100 on that day and that closes the 200 and 300 rifle ranges during that match.