AR Fun Match

Want to let your AR stretch its legs? Come out to the AR Fun Match! Course of fire will include 4 stages of 10 shots each. Two stages will be on scored paper targets and two stages will be knock over steel targets. Sighters will be allowed before first paper target stage and before first steel target stage. All shots will be fired from the covered 300 yard firing line.

Match Dates for 2022

3/12, 5/14, 7/9, 9/10


300 yard covered firing line

Entery Fee



Any AR15 using standard AR15 calibers that will feed from an AR15 magazine such as 223/556, 300 BO, 6.5 Grendel, etc. No wildcats or "long" AR10 actions or calibers. Only tactical bi pods may be used but no rear mono pods or bags for support. No wide foot bi pods (F class style).


All range rules must be followed as well as match commands. Empty chamber indicators must be used at all times.


Contact Curtis England at