Catawba Valley Rifle and Pistol Club

All Around Match

There are many disciplines here at the club and many skilled competitors. If you want to put your skills to the test as an all-around marksmen this is the match for you.

Match Dates and Time for 2019

Rifle Portion: Febuary 9th

Shotgun and Pistol Portion: March 9th


Rifle portion will take place at the 300 yard firing line. Shotgun portion will take place on the Skeet field and outdoor pistol range. Pistol portion will be held at the outdoor pistol range.

Entry Fee

$25.00 will cover both events


Rifle Course of Fire

Course of fire will consist of 50 rounds. Each distance will incorporate a Left Bank and a Right Bank as 2 shooters will be on the firing line during each relay. You will encounter 5 targets: 2 at 250 yards and 3 at 300 yards. The shooter will fire 2 shots (only) at each target for a total of 10 shots. Targets will be engaged from multiple and various simulated field positions including but not limited to various barricade positions, simulated stairstep/stairwells, barrels, rooftop positions, tank trap, swinging tire and other positions at the Match Director’s discretion. Come prepared to shoot from a multitude of challenging positions.

Shotgun Course of Fire

Competitors shoot one round of skeet and one stage of falling steel.

Pistol Course of Fire

Competitors will shoot two stages of falling steel.



Steve Roe, Match Director