Catawba Valley Rifle and Pistol Club


.22 Tactical Steel Challenge


Tactical Steel Challenge is a great match for putting your precision rifle skills to the test! Our matches will challenge you to engage targets from various positions while adapting to weather and wind conditions. Never shot a PRS style match? Come out and learn from our accomplished competitors and you’ll be topping the score board in no time.

Match Dates and Time for 2019


Sign up will take place at the 200 yard firing line located to the right of the club house from the main gate.

Entery Fee

Entry fee is $25 at each match.

Course of Fire

All shooting will be from a paved/concrete, covered firing line with multiple positions available. Course will consist of 5 stages at distances as follows:

Targets are IPSC “style” AR235 steel in sizes ranging from approx. 1.5” to approx. 8.5” in height.All targets (including sighter targets) are reactive steel with no paper targets being offered. A sighter target will be available at each stage. Sighter targets are steel, 8” round discs, white in color. The course of fire will consist of various size targets and will also include “hostage” style scenarios, partially blocked or hidden targets, diminishing size precision reactive targets, and other possible scenarios at the Match Directors discretion.

Targets will be engaged from multiple and various simulated field positions including prone, modified 90 degree prone, various barricade positions, simulated stairstep/stairwells, barrels, tank traps, spools, rooftop positions, stronghand/weakhand, supported and unsupported standing, and other positions at the Match Director’s discretion. This is NOT a benchrest match nor a “belly” match. Come prepared to shoot from a multitude of challenging positions.

Course of fire will consist of 60 rounds, 10 of which are sighters. You will encounter 12 targets total at each stage consisting of the following: 6, free-standing targets worth 1 point each; 4 shoot/no shoot style targets worth 2 points each, but with a minus one point (-1 ) no shoot hit penalty; and two very challenging "option" targets worth 3 points each - but also with a -1 point no shot hit penalty. So that’s 12 available targets with varying difficulty, and with varying risk vs. reward. 10 shots, 12 targets, you decide

Please note that ANY of the positions described above may be encountered on ANY of the five Stages. Shooting positions will either be drawn on the morning of match day, or prescribed at the Match Director’s discretion, dependent on conditions. NOTE: Course and targets may vary at the Match Director's discretion.


Match is open to all .22 rimfire rifles including bolt action, semi auto, single shot, lever, and pump actions. This match has no classifications and ALL action types compete together and likewise compete for the win together.

Permitted equipment will be addressed at the Match Briefing prior to the beginning of the match. If a competitor is found in violation of non-approved equipment for that stage, the competitor will be issued a warning with the shooter’s score for that stage entered as zero “0”, and in the event of a second offense the competitor will be disqualified. For clarity, please always ask if in question.


CVRP requires the use of open chamber indicators/flags at all times except after the load/start command has been given. ALL bolts and actions must remain open at all times except when “on stage” after the Start command is given. Failure to display open actions and Open Chamber Indicator will result in 1 warning, followed by disqualification. Eye and hearing protection must be worn by competitors, spotters, and bystanders. No horseplay or unsafe gun handling will be tolerated.